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Merits of Mancala Game in the Classroom.

Learning models which are focusing on testing the ability of the learner to duplicate what the teacher says in class are what is failing the society which is why a curriculum that challenges the learner to think for his or her own and introduce fresh ideas and innovation is much better. Many teachers leave out games in the process and this is not the best thing to do. When picking the games, make sure they foster critical thinking as well as strategic thinking. They are the perfect activity for times when the learners are likely to be distracted. However, you will have them attentive if you let them play games during that time. You should not look far when it comes to picking the perfect game because mancala will do just fine. People from all walks of life play this game even if it is modified depending on the region. There are many reasons why you should select this game for your students. First of all, it is easy to learn how to play this game which means everyone will get to participate. Do not be tempted to pick a complicated game even if you love it because the learners might not share your enthusiasm and it will not have solved the problem. This game might be easy to get used to but it also offers the right amount of challenge.

For learners who are in need of developing fine motor skills, you will not be disappointed by this game. One of the rules is that the hand that picks the seeds is the same one that is used to sow them and in the process the players will learn how to keep steady and be precise in ensuring the seeds end up just where they were meant to. The in-hand manipulation might not be such a big deal for adults but it is for children which is why you ought to help them get there and if all it takes is playing mancala then you need to give them that. This game also requires the application of math too. The math fluency skill known as subitizing is something the mancala players will have perfected when they do it long enough. This is the skill that enables people to see objects in sets and get the number correct even if they do not physically count them. This enables them to solve math problems much faster. It is not just the young kids who benefit from playing mancala but even those who are in middle schools too because they can strengthen their abilities at multiplicative thinking through this process. When they are enjoying themselves, they will naturally fall in doing the multiplications which is really a good thing for them. You can even discuss the game origins and the variations across the globe so that the students can learn something new. Students will always remember the teacher who made a difference in their life and mancala might be all you need to build a legacy.

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